I have written to the Public Advocate to request they bring back an off-peak period when there is excess solar. Ideally we should have something like the Agile tariff available in England but CMP is not going to do that, they can barely manage the plans they have now. “We will continue to pursue solutions to help Maine people with increasing energy prices rising this winter,” Burgess said. We continue delivering the news our communities need during these ever-changing times.


Many utility companies use a tiered plan for energy, which means you’re charged differently for electricity based on how much you use. Normally, these plans are most affordable and most appropriate for residential customers who use around the average amount of energy, or 570 kWh per month in Maine. If you use well above or below that amount, a tiered plan might not be best for you. Your cost of electricity will depend both on the electric supplier that produces the energy you consume and the utility that delivers energy to your home via the power lines. While you can choose your supplier, you can’t choose your utility company. Most customers are serviced by the utilities Central Maine Power Company and Versant Power , so delivery rates don’t vary much throughout the state.

These were similar tactics used by scammers whosuccessfully swindledMrs. The store manager and administrator previously told the Portsmouth Herald they fell prey to the scam when the call came on a hot Saturday in July when the store was busy. They were told CMP had sent multiple delinquent account notices, and if not paid immediately, technicians will shut the power off to the ice cream shop in 45 minutes. While the two had concerns it was possibly a scam, they were also concerned about losing 800 gallons of store-made ice cream if the electricity was cut to the business. Central Maine Power has a new U.S.-based parent company called Avangrid.

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The new prices are effective for a twelve-month term beginning January 1, 2018. For CMP residential and small business customers who receive standard offer supply service, the accepted bids result in a new standard offer price of 7.921 cents/kWh, which is an 18% increase compared to the supply price in 2017. Looking at the total residential bill combining supply and delivery service, an average residential customer could expect to see an increase of about 8% in their monthly bill. For CMP medium business customers, the new prices differ by month, equating to about 8.298 cents/kWh on average over the year, varying from 6.6 cents/kWh in May to 11.6 cents/kWh in February. These medium class prices are about 21% higher than prices last year. Prices for large business customers will be indexed to market prices and set in advance of each month, as was done last year for large business standard offer service.

The regular Plan A does not charge for the first 50 kWh while the other plans do. State sales tax 5.5% is applied on billed use above 750kWh. We have 2 heat pumps providing all of our heating and cooling and a Model Y and consumed 11 and 12.5mWh over the 2 years.

  • If you do it, note that the time slot in the XLS data seems to be hour _ending_ instead of hour starting, so you’ll need to take that into account for TOU.
  • Many energy plans in the State of Maine require some type of up-front payment for activation, which is a hedge against losses from non-paying customers.
  • Philip L. Bartlett, II serves as Chairman, Bruce Williamson and Randall Davis serve as Commissioners.
  • As a website focused on sustainable solution, EcoWatch strives to promote clean energy, so we will exclude companies that don’t offer renewable energy plans.
  • The amount due is automatically deducted from a bank account each month, so customers will have no concerns about an outstanding balance.
  • This is not related to the rate increase being discussed in the news.

The pricing for CMP customers is summarized in the chart below and affects only those customers who receive Standard Offer Supply Service. It’s unfortunate to get home after a long tiresome day at work only to find your power disconnected due to an unpaid power bill. It’s risky to stay in a household without power, more so during the winter months. Eliminate such challenges by deployingDoNotPayto handle your CMPCo Com pay today.Contact usfor more information.

The company was acquired by Iberdrola in 2008, which is the world’s fifth largest utility based on market value, and the world’s largest wind energy company. Without a sunny-time off-peak period my Powerwalls stopped charging and instead of explaining why, Tesla support insisted I use made up prices in the settings. I don’t (yet?) have a heat pump, just my PEVs and I did a rough calculation last night, and it seems that it would cost more to have A on my house and A-LM on my garage (separate meters/services) where I be charging my PEVs off-peak. However, my winter EV electricity would be higher then the last two winters if I can finally be collision free , so I might be able to switch later. Three in five Maine households use fuel oil as their primary heat source, more than any other state.

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Hallowell, Maine – Residential and business customers of CMP will pay lower rates for electricity supply in 2021, as a result of the Maine Public Utilities Commission’s competitive bid process for setting Standard Offer Supply prices. Variable-rate plans have a variable per-kWh rate rather than a fixed one. The rate is based on local energy prices, which are influenced primarily by electricity supply and demand. While variable-rate plans can sometimes provide more energy savings than fixed-rate options, they can also spike unexpectedly if energy supply dips or demand increases or during a time of crisis. The table below includes a side-by-side comparison of some of the top energy plans from popular electric suppliers in Maine, including the standard offer price.

Dan Simms is an experienced writer with a passion for renewable energy. As a solar and EV advocate, much of his work has focused on the potential of solar power and deregulated energy, but he also writes on related topics, like real estate and economics. In his free time — when he’s not checking his own home’s solar production — he enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, skiing and rock climbing. @cmpco @truger4 Hello, our team is working as quickly and safely as possible to restore power. If you have not already done so, you can sign up for our alerts, for outage updates on your account.


However, more cyberghost vpn make your decision more challenging. Below are some of our top-rated electric companies in Maine that offer renewable energy plans. There are many energy suppliers in Maine to choose from, but the one with the most affordable 100%-renewable energy plan is Consolidated Communications.

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New England is over-reliant on to power its electrical grid and on oil to heat homes, which is why Maine is moving toward breaking its dependence on fossil fuels, he said. The decrease amounts to nearly a 12 percent reduction in the supply portion for residential and small business customers. This equates to a 5.1 percent reduction in the total residential customer bill, which averages 550 kWh monthly. This amounts to a monthly savings of $4.70, or $56.38 annually.


The Standard Offer prices for CMP and Versant-MPD large non-residential class will be indexed to wholesale market prices and will be set in advance of each month. Therefore, since you cannot afford not to pay your power bill, the best course of action is to schedule regular payments with DoNotPay. This way, you can continue with your business, but rest assured your CMPCo Com bills are made. Often, the caller informs the customer a crew is on the way to shut off service unless an immediate payment is made.

For CMP Medium Business Customers, the new prices vary by month, averaging 16.52 cents per kWh. Medium Class customers will see an average increase of about 47 percent in the supply portion of their bill. In recent weeks, CMP has received reports of scammers threatening to cut service unless the customer makes an immediate payment over the phone using a prepaid debit card, CMP said in a press release.

@cmpco @stephencunning3 This storm broke over 200 poles so in some cases it is difficult to calculate a timeline. That said the remaining outages should be completed by the end of the day Tuesday. @cmpco @ChelseaDMorning Hi Chelsea, the teams are working as quickly and safely as possible. @cmpco @AimeeDianeMary Thanks for sharing this info which I’ll share with the team. @cmpco @1474Fan Dangerous road conditions delayed storm damage assessments so many are ongoing. We’re down to 10% without power and expect many restorations to be complete by Wednesday afternoon.

A monthly bill of $91.38 would decrease to $86.68 per month. Fixed-rate plans include a single rate that you’ll pay per kilowatt-hour for the entire length of your contract. This is favorable to many people because it provides peace of mind that you won’t see unexpected rate increases during times of high demand.

An electricity bill includes two components, electricity supply and delivery. The electricity supply rate is set by the competitive bidding process required by Maine law, not by the electric companies. Just as with energy suppliers, there is no universally ideal energy plan, and each homeowner might prefer a different option. You should consider multiple factors when selecting a new energy plan, including your monthly energy consumption, the rate per kWh, the contract term you want and more. We recommend starting by looking at green energy plans offered by Think Energy, SmartEnergy, Ambit Energy, Consolidated Communications and CN Brown Energy to get started.

As a website focused on sustainable solution, EcoWatch strives to promote clean energy, so we will exclude companies that don’t offer renewable energy plans. We’ll discuss the benefits of renewable energy plans further below. Consolidated Communications has the cheapest energy rates for a renewable energy plan in Maine — the Energy Rewards plan with a six-month contract term comes in at just 11.48 cents per kilowatt-hour . You can click below to see a side-by-side comparison of the energy prices from the top Maine electric companies.