minimum wage

Therefore, it takes longer to What Is Payroll? Basics, Process & More payment for a biweekly employee as there is more paperwork concerning time tracking.There are benefits to paying your employees more frequently, though. One advantage is it’s easier to calculate overtime for non-exempt bi-weekly employees. Many different types of payroll software are available to consumers, and while they all serve the same basic purposes, each has its own features and capabilities. This is because payroll is a complex process and every country and jurisdiction has different laws and regulations that affect the payroll process.

employee’s gross pay

As a business grows, payroll tasks become more complex, repetitive, and frustrating. The sooner you set up an efficient and scalable payroll management system, the easier it will be to adapt it to your growing workforce and business needs. Employees need pay stubs to understand withholdings from their paychecks and make correct calculations when filing taxes during tax season.

Step 4: Track Time and Attendance

A company only requires an active subscription to maintain the database. Payroll management solutions require the least amount of expensive hardware, which saves many resources. The manager must process all payments correctly and compliantly, maintain payroll records, and create payroll reports. They are also in charge of hiring, training, and supervising new staff on their team.

Once you calculate gross employee pay, you subtract any pre-tax, mandatory tax, and post-tax deduction amounts from that employee’s gross income. The result of this calculation is a number that represents your employee’s net pay. We walk you through this deduction calculation process as well as provide step-by-step examples in our blog,Everything You Need To Know About Gross Pay vs. Net Pay.

How Software Providers Can Help You Create An Efficient Payroll Process

Other restrictions control how electronic pay statements are delivered and accessed by employees. Compile the documents from each employee throughout the onboarding process which should encompass a form containing a list of federal withholdings for employees. It must also include forms for state income tax withholding and most essentially an employment eligibility form containing personal and professional information about the employee. Payroll is one of the most important tasks for business owners, which must not be complicated. Employers benefit from a well-organized payroll management framework because they get timely and correct payments, as well as peace of mind and more time to focus on growing their business. There are several reliable applications for payroll management to choose from.


A more efficient approach is to use software, which can run payroll in minutes thanks to automation. Even if you’re not paying someone else to do payroll for you, it’s still considered a business expense. This is because your employees’ wages and your share of payroll taxes cut into your profit margin.