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This second definition brings some subjectiveness to physiological requirements. But according to the first definition, a Personal Trainer should be able to maintain their oxygen levels as they train their clients. But this is where “it depends” really comes into play. It depends on the type of PT session, the fitness and strength level of the client, and how many clients like this are to be trained either together or one after the other.

Online fitness coaching is fantastic for people of all fitness levels, backgrounds, and who have all kinds of goals. My hope is this article helps you see how powerful of a tool ChatGPT can be for personal trainers to enhance their services, save time, and better serve their clients. However, it’s important to remember that ChatGPT is not a replacement for the personal touch that a real-life personal trainer provides.

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We want to show you how to utilize technology for good. Working digitally with a real personal trainer can be that gateway to a real-life relationship using a virtual medium to bring you convenience and effectivity, all online. If one of your goals is to lose weight, having an expert in your corner that has the expertise and knowledge to get you there can be extremely effective.

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That’s when she was introduced to weight lifting. Katherine quickly fell in love with lifting. Instead of trying to make herself smaller, she was building her body up and celebrating what it could do. Over the next few years, she started lifting seriously and eating for performance.

Consistently indicate this with your voice and your body language to maximise your client’s enthusiasm. While many people are well aware of the relationships that Kris Jenner’s six children go through, most don’t know that the reality star family matriarch might have the most promiscuous past of them all. Personal trainers have to fit in their own workouts, too. “The New Year’s resolutioners, they’re a little bit of my pet peeve,” Toffolo says.

Instead, it should be used as a source of inspiration and a tool to enhance the services provided by trainers. Next time you walk into a modern fitness studio, don’t expect to see lines of treadmills and cross trainers. Many new gyms focus on functional training that is comprised of suspension exercises using crankit straps and kettlebells. Small group personal trainers work with groups of 3-5 people who find this approach cost effective. They mix outdoor, indoor and circuit training activities, combining a variety of training tools to achieve amazing results in a fun environment.

Andi’s health and fitness philosophy revolves around doing what makes you mentally and physically happy. She believes in challenging you to help you pursue the things you love outside of the gym and achieve better overall health. Andi has worked with a wide range of clients from new moms, busy professionals, teens, adults, and special needs kids. With the increase in popularity of cruise holiday packages, there has been a growing need for different facilities and activities on board. Just adding a gym on a ship is no longer sufficient. Travellers expect a healthy lifestyle while at sea.

And while I wasn’t totally clear on what my issue was, I think I’d always known that who I was dating wasn’t going to change the way I felt about myself. I wish I’d had the strength to leave that apartment. I wanted to feel in control of my body, which wasn’t something I’d ever really felt. None of it appealed to me — I couldn’t say why at the time, but with months to reflect, I’ve concluded that I knew from the beginning this wasn’t the way I wanted to meet or connect with people.

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By becoming qualified in different aspects of wellness coaching you can expand on your knowledge as a PT to provide an all-round approach to better health. Jenner then went on to sleep with personal trainer Todd Waterman. She told Kardashian that she was going to the home gym of his best friend, Larry Kraines, for their daily training sessions. For instance, if someone is rehabbing an injury, she is more likely to refer them to one of her colleagues with physical therapy experience.

“The way I knew Kris, she was a good person and then something happened,” one of Jenner’s closest childhood friends Joan Zimmerman said. “She changed and we weren’t seeing much of each other. She was pursuing something else.” Toffolo does house calls, and while some condo and apartment buildings feature high-end gyms, she doesn’t need a lot of space to work. “I can utilize a space as small as a closet,” she says. If they don’t ask about scheduling more sessions, it’s probably because they don’t want you to.

So why are there so many cookie cutter programs out there? Each program should be tailored to the client’s needs – that is, after all, why they are paying you to personal train them. If the client were a top level athlete I would suggest that this guide is unreasonable. But the majority of PT clients are not elite, but either beginner or intermediate. Perhaps a minimum of 30 minutes continuous aerobic activity is a reasonable expectation of a Personal Trainers cardiovascular fitness.

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