In a forced relationship, the main character chooses to get married or in an arranged marriage and ends up pretending to be in a loving relationship. Lee Ga Ryeong plays the role of Radio producer Boo Hye Ryung married to lawyer  Pan Sa Hyun played by Sung Hoon in a seemingly happy marriage. Ga Ryeong has starred in TV series like ‘The Invincible Lady Cha’ and ‘Apgujeong Midnight Sun’. Song Won lays her eyes on her child for the first time, and there’s an overwhelming sense of love and emotions for her child.


Han Ga-in was a newbie actress at just 22 years old, and Yun Jung-hoon was just 26 at that time. He said one day at the set he saw the actress and she appeared to give off rays of light. They began dating while filming the drama, and after two years of dating, they tied the knot. To make his family give up, he introduces a woman, Joo Jang-Mi , to them that they would never accept. Gi-tae starts fake dating to be left alone, but his life never gets quiet because of Jang-mi. I love that despite everyone worrying how Jang Mi could work with Yeo Reum he really holds the interests of the two leads in high importance.

If you’re an OG Koreanovela fan, you might’ve shipped the partnership of Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara at some point. The two first worked 21 years ago in The Success Story of a Bright Girl—one of the first K-dramas shown on Philippine television—and reunited in the 2014 series You Are My Destiny. They were last paired in the MBC TV movie Old Goodbye in the same year.

Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo (Happy Home)

Choi Sang Eun (Park Min Young) has the job of being a professional fake wife. She marries men to fulfill the duties of being their dates to various functions and to help alleviate the pressures they get from family members. She has been “married” to Jung Ji Ho (Go Kyung Pyo) for five years, and when she is about to retire, she finds it difficult to break off the marriage.

The look-alike of celebrity Ji Sul Woo is an aspiring actor Yoon Dong Joon, who needs the cash. However, things get complicated when they develop feelings for one another. The tragic fate of their relationship and the amazing performance of actors makes the series a great choice. The seemingly natural and continuous humor makes the drama a lighthearted and almost feel-good series. This drama is one-of-a-kind, unlike other contract relationships Korean dramas. The show follows a contract worker and a celebrity Hallyu star.

Although the drama is quite an action/thriller, it also connects well with other contract relationship Korean dramas. Even though not many people will like the dark humor, the drama is enjoyable. The unique plotline and events that lead to the couple falling in love make the series one of a kind.

Park Joo-mi

After the dating and chasing phase, it seems that every culture has its own expectations of couples walking down the aisle after being together for a time. Two perfectly functioning individuals will now get willingly entangled in this chaotic web called married life. DatingStream This article features Korean Dramas About Marriage and couples living together. Working together, the actors started having feelings for each other. There is a nine-year age gap between the couple, but they are one of the non-problematic couples in the industry.

The drama revolves around a talented artist who falls for a prince during the Joseon era. Kim Bum plays a supporting role and has a love triangle with the female lead played by the “nation’s sister” Moon Geun Young. A year ago, it was revealed that Son Ye Jin was in a relationship with Hyun Bin, alongside whom she starred in 2020’s Crash Landing on You. In February, the public also learned that the couple was getting married, and it has not been dragged on since the wedding took place on March 31. The drama overtook another legendary drama, Sky Castle, and became the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history.

Actor Joo Sang Wook and actress Cha Ye Ryun met on the set of Glamorous Temptation in 2015. Although in that Kdrama, they didn’t pair as a lover, they shared the same feeling and interest. A year later, in May 2017, they got married and have a baby girl in 2018. Moreover, Han Ga In is not only a perfect wife for Jung Hoon, but she is also an ideal daughter-in-law. After 11 years of waiting for a child and after Ha Ga In had a miscarriage in 2014, the lovely couple had their first child in 2016. They welcomed their first daughter in August of the same year.

I rarely watch movies now due to this particular reason, how can every problems solved in the end when I just have met the characters like two hours ago? A part of what a slow burn romance is for me is its own literal words – slow and burn. The pacing for the romance can be fast but the development of the burn is slow, as I felt in You Are My Spring (the very first that came to my mind when I saw the topic). Both of these were about whether the first love relationship from school days could be rekindled in adulthood after a separation and new circumstances meant getting to know each other again.

There are a variety of cast members, and each has its storyline, which is perfectly delivered. The show focuses mainly on the parent-child bond and how family situations are solved. All the characters grow exceptionally well throughout the drama and evolve into multidimensional personalities. The series has a beautiful, emotional structure that works well for the plotline.